100 floors Halloween level 15

This puzzle is last one in first update of game. how to beat 100 floors Halloween level 15 ? check out the walkthrough below

It's not so hard to pass this level , this is placing picture in the right place type game.
First look at all pictures , there are four : cat, bat, sickle and spiederweb

100 floors Halloween level 15
"100 floors Halloween level 15" game

Then look at also to arrow direction, item in top right will defeat item in top left and continue this pattern based on arrow direction

So the answer for this 100 floors halloween 15 game is

  • top right picture : bat
  • top left picture : cat
  • bottom left picture : sickle
  • bottom right picture : spiderweb

100 floors halloween level 15 done, Well that's all for first session of the game, now we are waiting for next game level update. hope the game developer will release soon, check out the update

100 floors Halloween level 15 Rating: 4.5 Post by: dayat saefulloh