Endless Escape Level 22

How to beat or pass this game stage? Please read our Endless escape level 22 walkthrough. We do not only give the answer but the explanation too. Hope our solution guide will meet your question of why 0812.

"Endless Escape 22" game hints

  • There are 2 items you should take first : screwdrivers below tables and pliers on pot
  • Now tap screwdriver then tap electric panel to open it
  • You will see wires, cut it with pliers
  • Now the room turn darker and the hologram will show up
  • They are image of math operator and numbers code

endless escape level 22
endless escape level 22

  • So we will get this equations
  • 0x4=0
  • 3+5=8
  • 3:3=1
  • 5-3=2
That's why the answer is 0-8-1-2.
Done , and go to next level

endless escape 22

Stage 23 game tricks

  • There are three balls on ground : orange-green-purple
  • you have to mix 2 colors to make those 3 colors
  • for example red and yellow is orange
  • so the answer is
  • left ball = red-yellow
  • middle ball = yellow-blue
  • right ball = blue red

Look at the picture for detail answer

That's game guide for endless escape level 22 and 23, go to next level /livello/niveau guide here
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