BF3 Crossbow Unlock Tricks

As New weapon in aftermath DLC how to get Xbow? this is guide for BF3 Crossbow unlock tricks with Scan Bolt, BA Bolt, HE Bolt and Xbow scoped too.

BF3 Crossbow Unlock

First to unlock the crossbow you have to clear sticks and stones achievement where you must win 3 rounds in scavenger mode.

Then how to unlock Crossbow scoped ? complete go play close quarters assignment. this is a bit complicated where you have to make total 150 meters headshots with assault rifles, then 150m again with sniper rifles, then with carbine weapons then clear sticks and stones assignment.

BF3 Unlock BA Bolt
To get this bolt you have to clear -It is Ok to Thank Me- first then finish -Stay Away from My Tent- game Assignment with achieveing 50 kills (use sniper rifles), achieve 10 headshot (use sidearm wepons)

BF3 unlock Scan Bolt
You have to finish It is Ok to Thank Me Assignment: clear stick and stones, then achieve 20 spot assists, then Designate 10 vehicles, then achieve 1 designated assist (you can play Kharg Island or map like it)

BF3 unlock HE Bolt
first clear -It is Ok to Thank Me- then clear -Stay Away from My Tent- then clear -A Good Demo Man- game Assignment with achieveing 5 kills (use grenades), reach 5 kills (use underslung grenades), then you must collect 5 kills (use C4)

How to change bolts ?
On PC you can press V button
On PS3 and XBOX you can press down on Dpad

BF3 Crossbow Unlock

Equipment formation
you can equipped crosbow as gadget not weapon , then the formation will be like this
  • Support are LMG- pistol- XBOW- ammo box
  • Assault are Rifle- pistol- XBOW- defibrillator
  • Recon are Sniper rifle- pistol- XBOW- radio beacon
  • Engineer are Carbine- pistol- XBOW- repair tool/mines/EOD bot
That's for BF3 Crossbow Unlock guide , read also other BF3 aftermath game tips tricks in this blog, here

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