ZombiU Survival Guide

The game is cool but some of players need ZombiU survival Guide. At least there are three things you should be master, it's ammo, noise and shooting zombie heads, let's try the tips and tricks

Well you know ammo is scarce. So always save your ammo game for the bad conditions, get the cricket bat out for being careful of the odd zombie everywhere but remember always save all you can get.

ZombiU Survival Guide
ZombiU Survival Guide

Not as general shooter game where you can shoot a roquette . Zombies are not so intelligent  we can guarantee you that their listening are better: the tiniest of noises will let them informed of your existence. we have to say that  Shooting in not the only thing  that makes noises, even bumping is noise too for zombies, The best strategy is keep in silent and hide. Because if you are in street light on other lights the zombies will ezily spot you

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Shooting Heads
All game players know that the weakest point in zombie is their head. but just use a non silenced fire arm will bring in more zombies to you, this will waste your bullets. So it's better to use cricket bat, it has no noise but has great impact. To make this effective so should know zombies moving after first hit. some of zombies will move toward you, so take care of being damage. The best strategy is try to make them fall on the ground, you can beat them easily. And the last one is that you can attract zombies to area where they must crawl to pursue you

That's for ZombiU survival guide, read also other game tips tricks in the blog.

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