Casio G'Zone Commando Tough and Stylish Phone

Casio has a number of mobile phone products. One of the reliable is Casio G'Zone Commando, phones that have exceptional toughness but boned fashionable.

Tough here is the true meaning. Casio G'Zone Commando able to survive when thrown from a height, still strong after buried in sand and soil, to be soaked in water. In essence, this device is intended for outdoor activities.

In terms of appearance Casio G'Zone Commando did not like the phone most of the rare extreme attention to appearance. In fact at first glance, the device with the operating system Android 2.2 Froyo it can be regarded as a cell phone because his performance in a stylish fashion.

Casio G'Zone Commando mobile phones in the United States valued USD 200 with data packets bound for two years clad in a black cover with luxurious stripes on a number of sides. The screen carrying the 3.6-inch width and 480x800 pixel resolution capability.

Casio G'Zone Commando screen display quite capable when invited to compete in the wild. He is able to present a fairly sharp picture display. Even the content may be seen clearly under the blazing sun.

The weight of Casio G'Zone Commando reached 5.45 ounces and has dimensions of 5.08x2, 58,0,68 inch. Quite thick indeed, but it was because she had covered with a special cover with a strong defense system.

Casio G'Zone Commando device equipped with a 5 megapixel camera that has been immersed Qualcomm 800 MHz processor. An additional feature is the presence of G'zGEAR suite that included a compass, step counter, the application of adventure training, thermometers, calculators, and more.

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