100 Escaper Level 7 - 8

On This game stage you will find safe box and the code. For 100 escaper level 7 and 8 walkthrough and guide please read our hints below

100 escaper 7

1. Pickup bateery from wooden box
2. Enter code bcf-724 to safe box then tap rectangle green button

100 escaper level 7

3. you will see cables, connect cables to batery
4. pickup block under chair
5. tap up button then then put the block to key molding
6. tap down arrow button to make a key then tap up button
now you have the key to open the door
We have clear the game of "100 escaper level 7"

100 escaper level 8

100 escaper level 8

1. Pickup hammer, plastic, powder, pliers, book (from bottom shelf(
2. Mix powder+book then hammer put in pan, turn on stove
3. Place palstic over pan, leave then back
4. Peel wallpaper then tap the wires by pliers
5. Open the code box beside door, push the round button, enter the key 386439 (from the book)
100 escaper 8 game done!

After Completing 100 escaper level 7 and level 8 now please move to next game level

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