Escape Detention Walkthrough 2012 Text Guide

If you are stuck, be calm don't give up from the game, please follow our escape detention walkthrough 2012. A guide with text and images so you can understand the game better. So if you are ask how to solve here it is the answer. (last update on October)

escape detention walkthrough 2012

1. zoom (by clicking) desk then pickup apple and pencil sharpener (the dial circle one)
2. pickup blue paper (looseleaf) under blue chair.
3. zoom yellow board, pickup eraser and drag dial circle from inventory to board you will get 843 with certain color

escape detention walkthrough 2012
"escape detention walkthrough 2012" game

4. in inventory click eraser and pickup straw
5. erase brownboard and get the color so the correct code is 483
6. zoom door with lock code then enter the code 483 then clik the knob
7 go to 1B door (right side)
8. Pick up banana froms trash pickup pink spray can from shelves
9. tear paper in inventory
10. zoom sink and click on faucet handle, then drag paper to sink so it becames wet
11. click straw in inventory and slide paper ball to the straw
12. back and click scalpel on floor
13. go to 1D door then go to bathroom, then open left door

escape detention walkthrough 2012
Escape from detention walkthrough 2012

14. Pickup bonoculars lens
15. Pickup drum stick (from trash)
16. Back and goto 1C
17. Zoom piano and pickup mints
18. Zoom drums then puncture the bass with drum stick
19. Pickup the cassette
20. Back then goto 1E door
21. Pickup frog then scalp with scalpel knife, pikcup quarter of it
22. Back then go to main office
23. Zoom desk and open lowest drawer then pickup knife

game walktrough image
escape detention walkthrough 2012
escape detention walkthrough 2012

24. Open principal office door
25. Pickup pearl sticker from notebook computer
26. Back open blinds
27. use binoculars to see scoreboard through window
28. click right side on floor
29. Cut carpet with knife, you will see a hatch
30. Back then zoom vending machine, click button and slider quarter
31. key in the code to fruit buttons (pink-black-white-green)
32. zoom vending door, open then pickup cassette tape
33. record the place then push play button for lullaby
34. Back then goto 1E
35. zoom hamster cage then put playing tape, this will make hamster sleep then pickup wheel
36. Back

escape detention game hints and clue
escape detention walkthrough 2012

next game action are :
open locker with code is 354
explode the soda
use skeleton key to open the door

You have completed the game , we try to update this escape detention walkthrough 2012 game guide for better explanation.

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