Hitman Absolution Dexter Industries Item Locations

Welcome to game guide for Hitman Absolution Dexter Industries Item Locations list. It's eleventh chapter. In this chapter there are also 4 evidences, dead end, old mil, descent and factory compound.
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Hitman Absolution Dexter Industries Item Locations

Location List.
  • Disguise - Truck Driver : The actual reddish top foes at the Factory Compound
  • Disguise - Factory Guard : The actual enemies who use desert bronze suit of armor as well as BDUs
  • Disguise - Arms Dealer : Unique disguise in the Factory Compound map. The particular NPC is by the red sports vehicle.
  • Disguise - Chipmunk Costume : The 2nd store locked by the keycard freeze the actual Factory Compound map.
  • STG 58 Elite : Assault rifle used by foes.
  • Aries 24-7 : Handgun employed by foes.
  • Kazo TRG : Precision rifle available at the actual mouth area from the mine exit in Factory Compound plus the rooftop room from the factory constructing.
  • AH 74U : Submachinegun utilized by opponents

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Hitman Absolution Dexter Industries Item Locations
  • Bottle : Within plethora.
  • Hammer : Crap object present in numerous areas.
  • Wrench : Found here and there.
  • Proximity Mine (type 1) : This kind of distance mine is the deployable ones in the storage space bedrooms and Ancestry.
  • Proximity Mine (type 2) : This particular my very own will be about show inside the reception with the Factory Compound. It's a stay piece of ordinance.
  • Axe : A part of a podium at the beginning of Stalemate
  • Gasoline Can : Identified in some places
  • Key Card : Discovered No-through, Outdated Work and Factory Compound
  • Dummy Arm : Within any stowage. Examine each.
  • Metal Pipe : Crap merchandise found here and there.
  • Knife : Factory Compound. Correct away from bathroom off to the right with the link to see a teamster. Also within the exact same room in which the Distant Explosive are available.
  • Remote Explosive : Factory Compound. Inside a space obtainable from the roof in which a single safeguard patrols
  • Radio : On the table in Ancestry
  • Screwdriver : Product identified here and there.
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