Hitman Absolution Shaving Lenny Challenges

You need game guide for Hitman Absolution Shaving Lenny Challenges ? you can read posting below for detail explanation of how to complete the challenge. Some of them is a bit complicated, but don worry because here it is a video walkthrough too, so you can beat the game better.

Hitman Absolution Shaving Lenny Challenges

  • Evidence Collector : you must obtain game evidences in Streets of Hope and Barbershop.
  • Chameleon : you have to get disguises for : Hope Plumber, Barber,Mechanic, Hope Police Officer,
  • Suit Only : You need to clear the chapter but do not use disguise. Barbershop, Streets of Hope.
  • Infiltrator challenge : Try to Finish the chapter without being noticed. (Streets of Hope and Barbershop).
  • Get the Mechanic : game area Streets of Hope. you have to defeat the target, he walks through the scrap yard, kill him by crushing him underneath a raised car. agent 47 must take out the nearby NPCs first to make target be lured near the car for crushing. use mechanic disguise to make it easier.
  • Oil is Thicker Than Blood. : game area Streets of Hope. you must defeat the target , he is on the porch in front of the scrap yard, kill him by pushing him into the vat of oil. You can repeat this ways
  • Kill Me, I'm the Cook : this challenge is in any level. to kill the target you must use a stove . The best target is the man who hangs out in the room, the location is above the convenience store. To activate a stove, switch on the gas, after that simply shoot the top of stove with a firearm.

Hitman Absolution Shaving Lenny walkthrough

Hitman Absolution Shaving Lenny Challenges
  • Shocking challenge : Streets of Hope. Accidental kill with electricity. Sabotage the power cable by the transformer near the scrapyard's metal gate leading to the level's exit and throwing the timed switch as the target nears the gate.
  • Pump It Up game challenge : area Streets of Hope. you have to make Accidental killing, do this with the gas pump at the mechanics' shop. first Sabotage the fuel pump the location is in front of mechanic shop, now you must be patient to wait for the target, he goes from the Convenience Store to the garage . then simply shoot the spilled gasoline with a firearm , this will set off a big series of explosions.
  • Well Done challenge : area Barbershop. kill the target with fire. focus to swap the sauce bottle (yellow) with the red one(fuel). The sauce bottle is in the storage room downstairs. while The red one location is behind the grill area. please pay attention to not loosen the wires , because the cook (Mason) will kill himself before a man who take the sauce bottle comes back.
  • Gotta Go : area Barbershop. you have to defeat the target with electricity while he is urinating. pick up the wrench to loosen the wire, then connect it to fusebox. 

Hitman Absolution Shaving Lenny Challenges
  • Shave and a Haircut : you have to walk up to Lenny with the barber disguise , then he will follow.
  • The Weakest Link : for this game challenge simply Clear mission.
  • Accidents Happen : you have to finsih 6 challenges Get the Mechanic, Pump It Up, Kill Me I'm the Cook challenge, Gotta Go, Shocking, and Well Done .
  • Safety Distance Part 1: your mission is to Snipe Tyler, to kill him Take the plumber's garb and dispose of the target who comes up to the garage's balcony
  • Safety Distance Part 2 : in this game challenge you must Snipe Landon , kill him in the mechanic's garage second story balcony.
  • Safety Distance Part 3 : to solve this challenge you have to Snipe Gavin from the donut shop's second floor, snipe him on the scrapyard's entrance porch.
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